Battle Infinity Blockchain Game Sees Huge Interest Following Staking Launch

Viraj Randev
| 1 min read

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After launching a staking platform that can provide up to 25% APY, Battle Infinity’s Play to Earn ecosystem has received huge interest in 2022. Providing multiple use cases via NFT and crypto integration, Battle Infinity is set to become one of the top digital assets right now. 

Battle Infinity Staking Platform Launch

Battle Infinity, a play-to-earn metaverse-based ecosystem, has just launched an exciting in-game earning platform on its network. On 24th September 2022, Battle Infinity’s official Twitter handle announced the launch of IBAT Battle Stake – the staking protocol within the ecosystem. 

On IBAT Battle Stake, participants can stake IBAT, the native cryptocurrency, to earn potentially high APY (Annual Percentage Yield). The staking protocol offers two options – flexible staking, where there is no minimum lock-up period, and locked staking – where tokens must be staked for a minimum period. 

Just 2 days after the platform release, Battle Infinity received more than $3 million worth of IBAT locked on the Battle Stake. Over 1.1 billion IBAT tokens are currently staked on the two staking features, representing over 10% of the 10 billion token supply. 

One of the best proof of stake coins, IBAT offers huge returns with the staking platform. While flexible staking offers 12% APY, locked staking provides higher returns, depending on the lock-up period. 

Locking IBAT for 30-days results in a 14% APY, while investors can earn up to 17% APY for a 90-day lock-up period. Moreover, investors can earn a 20% yield for 180 days and earn up to 25% APY for a 360-day lock-up period. 

IBAT Price Movement

After raising 16,500 BNB worth of IBAT in just 24 days, Battle Infinity completed one of the best crypto presales in 2022. In August 2022, the token was listed on PancakeSwap – one of the biggest decentralized exchanges (DEXs) in the space. After listing at a presale price of $0.0015, IBAT has provided staggering returns to investors. 

From a price of $0.0032 on 22nd September, IBAT traded at $0.0037 on the 25th of September. This 15% price increase came following the announcement of Battle Infinity’s staking platform launch. With over 10% of the token supply locked on the Battle Stake, IBAT can increase in value as the number of available tokens decreases. 

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