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Ripple zakt richting $0,80-grens, ook Bitcoin en Ethereum verliezen terrein
Het is nog geen goede dag voor de cryptomarkt, die vooral rood kleurt.

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I've been a guest in the @GoldRepublic podcast earlier this week. Missed it? Check out the entire episode here;…

Simon Chandler
@Crypto_Ed_NL • jun 17
when I check my FTX referrals, I can understand BTC is tanking. Nobody is trading.

Simon Chandler
@Laura Shin • jun 17
One of the biggest epiphanies I’ve had on Unchained is when @mcuban made the case for ETH as a store of value. What…

Simon Chandler
@What Bitcoin Did • jun 16
“The whole energy doesn’t take into account the physics and engineering of how the energy is produced…

Still fine for #Bitcoin.

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