Wat verhindert dat crypto-betalingen mainstream worden?
Crypto-betalingen worden voorlopig nog niet mainstream.

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I'll make a YouTube video (without camera) about my top 3 Large caps that I'll be interested in today & later today…

Simon Chandler
@Crypto_Ed_NL • apr 21
Crypto Twitter went from "we're gonna dump on the suits" (2017) to "I need to get on TikTok before these kids dump on me"

Simon Chandler
@Laura Shin • apr 20
I was fortunate to be able to quit my job at Forbes to focus full time on @Unchained_pod and my book (update on tha…

#SuperLeague suspended. That's a good day.

#Swipe is still fine here, as well.

This was a very hectic day. Very hectic in terms of unseen fear and panic. Last time I've seen it like this was t…

Best video ever on the best cryptocurrency on this planet. It’s #Safemoon This video explains it all;…